How to Prep Your Home for the Best Fall Ever


child-thowing-fall-leavesNow that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s about time to bid farewell to summer 2016. It was a great one in Kansas City, but who’s ready for crisp mornings, hot apple cider (or pumpkin spiced lattes) and the plethora of colors your eyes are about to feast on?! I AM!!! (Personally, I am just partial to fall.)

With the change in season comes changes in the needs of your family and your home. Make sure you take the necessary steps to get your household prepped and ready to take on the new season. Completing these tasks is especially important if you plan to list your home this season.

Get a Furnace Tune Up

Before your turn your furnace on for the first time, make sure you get it ready to go for the season. You can either call in a furnace repair expert, or you can take a few steps yourself. Make sure to clean out or replace your furnace filters so it runs more efficiently and doesn’t get clogged up.

Change Out Smoke Alarm Batteries

Now is also the ideal time to test and switch out the batteries in your smoke alarms. With the arrival of cooler and drier weather comes an increased risk of electrical fires, cooking fires, fireplaces that get out of control etc.. Make sure you’ve taken all the proper precautions to protect your home and your family.

Seal Nooks and Crannies

Even though winter seems far off, now is the time to prep your home for the arctic blast of cooler air. Make your home as cozy and energy efficient as possible by sealing cracks and openings. Use caulking to seal open spaces by windows and doors. The biggest culprit here is around the window/door frames and the actual walls. Also look into adding insulation in places that are typically harder to heat and cool – like the room over the garage, or the attic space.

Clean Out and Cover Gutters

The leaves are just now starting to show hints that fall is on its way. Before they start changing and falling, take proactive steps to keep your gutters clear. Clean out what’s already accumulated over the spring and summer, and look into installing gutter covers. This will make your spring cleaning a whole lot easier next year.

Switch Out Your Wardrobe and Seasonal Decorations

My favorite part of prepping for fall is switching out my wardrobe. Take the jackets, scarves and boots out of storage bins, and tuck away the bikinis and cut off shorts for the season. Get your autumn outfits ready and in place for easy access for crisp mornings and bonfire nights.

Also, get your fall decorations out of the basement and on display! Replace your summer wreath with a seasonal door hanger, and set out your favorite spiced scented candles.

Get Your Yard Ready for Fall

Right now is the perfect time to prep your lawn for next year! Aerate your lawn and fill sparse spots with seed and fertilizer. Kansas City grass types thrive when treated in the early fall months. Go buy the rich hue colored mums for the from entrance, and now is the perfect time to plant any trees or bushes you’ve been wanting to add.

Do all of these things, and I guarantee your fall will be worry-free and full of great memories.

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