Kansas City Ice Storm Safety Tips


There has been a lot of talk from local to national news about an impending ice storm this weekend. Now at first you think, “Ice? Well, that’s not so bad!”, but in actuality it is the worst.

Ice causes way more damage and poses much more danger than a snow storm. Ice makes driving around Kansas City’s hilly terrain almost impossible, puts strain on power lines, and can cause serious power outages that can last for a week or more.

So, how can you stay safe and prepare your home and your family?

First and fore-most, protect your pipes! Frozen pipes can burst and cause serious an expensive damage to your home. Drip your faucets and open up cabinets to uninsulated pipes.

Be prepared in case of a power outage. Keep charged batteries and flashlights on hand, as well as clean bottled water and food that won’t spoil.

And DON’T DRIVE unless you absolutely have to. If you must, keep sand, salt or kitty littler in your car. These can help give you traction if you get stuck somewhere.

Here are a few more tips to get you prepared for this weekend.

Stay safe, Kansas City!

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